The world is full of beauty. Beauty of sunrise, Sunset, Sun rays, blue moon, flowers, birds, animals, landscapes, rivers, sea, rain, trees, jungle, mountains, valleys, waterfalls, tunnels, clouds, snow, desert, buildings, you turn anywhere and everywhere the world is beautiful.

Husband and wife, their happy moments, father and mother, parents and children, brother, sister, friends, relatives, teachers, famous people from all fields from sports, cinema, politics, science….Each human face always add value to a photo.

Happiness, sadness, anger, romance, bitterness, fear, peaceful, helplessness, cruelty… what all emotions are there that needs to be captured!

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving this beauty…. It is to remember those little things, which make Life so special, long after we have forgotten everything..

CHRYSALIS brings you an opportunity to share your precious moments with us…

Rekindle the fire of thoughtfulness; show it to the world through your lenses…

Come join our Photography club… and celebrate the beauty spread all around us.

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Interested persons can join the club and/or send photographs along with their Name, Employee code, email id and contact number to

In case of any suggestion or feedback , feel free to contact us.

  1. HenleyL says:

    Hey, I really enjoy your blog. I have a blog too in a totally unrelated field (Online Stock Trading) but I like to check in here on a regular basis, just to see what’s going on and it’s always interesting to say the least. It’s always entertaining what people have to say.

  2. Donnieboy says:

    Just wanted to drop you a line to say, I enjoy reading your site. I thought about starting a blog myself but don’t have the time.
    Oh well maybe one day…. 🙂

  3. kempozone says:

    Im sure many of you are like me and one of the first things you do in the morning is head here and check out the new post. Along with seeing the new posts, I’m also always checking out the blog roll rss feed and watching them grow, or shrink sometimes. In one of my past …but all in all excellent site. Keep it up!

  4. Terry Brooks says:

    Your site was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

  5. Cool site, love the info. I do a lot of research online on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,

    A definite great read…

    – Bill Bartmann

  6. Excellent site, keep up the good work

  7. RAJ says:

    i am interested 2 join photography club. got 2 send few pics. could some1 help me out?????????

  8. M.Padmaja says:


    The pics are really good. i think the next theme should be
    “Rain”...time to enjoy the long awaited monsoon!…so lets ‘capture’ it…

  9. ravi kumar says:

    Im intrested to join in Photography club
    Name: CH.Ravi Kumat
    Emp Code: 14387
    Mobile No: 9491345957

  10. Cliff Fernandes says:

    I wish to join the photography club.

    Cliff Oslino Fernandes
    CPS Formualtions
    FTO 3, Bachupally

  11. HARISH KUMAR says:

    Dear Friends,
    I have this idea of a competition that we can organize for the occasion of celebrations from our club.
    Celebrations is around the corner and its time for our DRL to have fun. And along with fun I also see it as a good ground to hone our skills and show-off our hidden skills of Photography.
    I feel that if would be apt and interesting to our club to design and organize a competition in which we would ask people to click some good creative shots of anything that is more related to Celebrations. We can give away some prizes for that at the end of the celebrations or at some other occasion. Now, these creative shots may sometimes be so good enough to find place in official communications like In-house magazines (Elixir, Housecalls, Around Dr. Reddy’s) be contributors too to such activities.
    I also heard there is a competition on movie-making too for this Celebrations. So, why not a Photography competition friends.
    Hope you like this idea and it would see seekers……

  12. Chrysalis says:

    Chrysalis welcomes the following to the Photography section of Club hobbies.

    2 Asha Kiran Ghanta
    3 B Srinivasa reddy
    4 Praveen Kumar BS
    5 Deepti Daulat Dongarwar
    6 V. Harish Kumar
    7 Ishita Roy
    8 E. Karthikeyan
    9 M. Ravikumar
    10 M.vamsi krishna
    11 P. Venkat Bhaskar Rao
    12 Pratit P Agrawal
    12 Sanjay Tripathi
    14 Sateesh Kandavilli
    15 Sopan Shintre
    16 Vipul jain
    17 Yahya Noordean
    18 Debashis Dash
    19 Sundara Laxmi
    20 Dwaipayan Mandal
    21 Kanchan Malhotra
    22 Anand K
    23 Shakti Singh
    24 B.Hanimi Reddy
    25 Karishma
    26 Neetika Rana
    27 Srividya Ramakrishnan
    28 Asam Shilpa
    29 GVK Phani Kumar
    30 Rajesh Y. Bhavsar
    31 Nagesh N
    32 RamaKrishna Prasad.VS
    33 Shruti Chopra
    34 K Raghu Srinivas

    Come lets Shoot and Enjoy…… Together

  13. Asam Shilpa says:

    Hi Bhupesh,I am interested to join photography club, pls enroll my name… are the details
    Name: Asam Shilpa
    Emp. Code: 14712
    Mobile no. 9849867755
    Email ID:,

  14. karishma says:

    Hi…m interested in photography.please enroll my name
    Employee code- 14483
    Mobile no. -9985460453

  15. sundara lakshmi says:

    I am interested to join in photography club
    emp.code 10628
    mobile num: 9908196039

  16. Varun Jain says:

    I am intrested to join photography club.
    Name: Varun Jain
    Emp Code: 13098
    e mail:
    Phone No: 9704132807

  17. Arnab Deb says:

    I want to join the photography

    Name: Arnab Deb
    Employee ID: 14750
    Ph: 9912446296

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