Celebrations 2011

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Uncategorized


Dear All,

We strive for excellence in everything we think, say and do.

Our Corporate Values are based on the above principle. We all strive to achieve our purpose of providing affordable and Innovative Medicines for healthier lives and have always aimed for excellence through our actions. Every day, across the world, each one of us is continuously, setting new standards in excellence and then surpassing them.

While we continually recognize the acts of excellence in different ways on different platforms, it is at our annual Celebrations that we reiterate the belief and strengthen our resolve.  To reinforce the “SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE” we are launching our preparations for Celebrations 2011.  Over the next few months  several sports and cultural events will be conducted across all our global  locations  and  culminate  with  the Awards Night in January  2011, where  we  will  celebrate  the  achievement of excellence by our teams and individuals  through  the  Awards  of Excellence.    There will be multiple Awards recognizing outstanding contributions to the organization. These Awards will not only recognize excellence across different fields but also motivate all of us to strive towards still higher levels.  Saumen will share the details of these Awards in a subsequent communication.
The annual Celebrations are an effort of many of our colleagues across the organization. It is wonderful to see the spirit of teamwork and collaboration as many of you plan, participate and execute in the series of events.   Celebrations, is an opportunity for us to uncover our organizing capability and   latent potential.  Every year we have had teams setting newer standards of excellence in designing and delivering Celebrations. This year also, I am sure that we will excel.

I  am  delighted to announce that the effort for Celebrations 2011  will be led by K  Ganesh,  Vice President  – Global Business Services, Merger & Acquisition,   Treasury,  Risk  and  Insurance.  A cross-BU/function Core Committee will be formed and will support K Ganesh in leading the entire effort of Celebrations 2011.
Like every year the effort will be successful only if we have many of you coming forth as volunteers. It is a great opportunity to learn and practise various aspects of working in cross functional teams.   And in the  process  we will create  a  mega  event  and build our knowledge and understanding  of  different parts of Dr. Reddy’s.  I invite and encourage each one of you to actively participate in the initiatives that are being rolled out over the next few months and build the spirit of excellence.
Please feel free to share your suggestions and ideas with Ganesh and the Core team.
Let us together celebrate the Spirit of Excellence once again!


Satish Reddy



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