Days are smooth and yet they’re dry.

You’ve thought there are other things

You wanted to try.

Reading and writing for example

And also crosswords, quizzes, scramble and scrabble.

Now you’re days will not be so bleak,

Coz we are going to have

Some every week!!.


We thought we’d let you know,

That there is a place,

where your hobbies can grow,

Nurtured and nourished to blossom,

Fun-filled, eventful and awesome!

Awake, arise and be on look out,

For Literary section of Club Hobbies,

There aren’t other places you have to scout,

It’s gonna be right here at Dr.Reddy’s!!!

There’s nothing much for you to do,

just send in your registrations to,

The chrysalis hobbies team,

And be a part of this wondrous dream!!

Interested persons are requested to send articles along with their Name, Employee code, email id and contact number to or

In case of any suggestion or feedback, feel free to contact us.

  1. raj aryan says:

    i have few more ideas running in my head i would like to share n if u find them relavent u can imple them…. v can make a seperate section called “JUST 4 ME” n then can have few other sections in tat, like
    1)WEEKEND SPECIAL where v can say wat v r planning 2 do this weekend n wat exactly v have done the last weekend so tat others can make use of tat n can plan their next weekend in a enjoyable way
    2) ONE LIFE-THE DREAM: v have few small dreams, i wil give a exp- i always wanted 2 drive a bike called yamaha FZ but i cant buy tat, 1 of my frds had tat n he gave me a test drive. so v can meet small drms of many around.
    3) many hyd’s r found of astrology so if v can select 12 people of diff rashis who regularly c their astro then they can post tat result n others can read n feel confident v can name this as “WATZ UR RASHI”
    4)HELP-many TT’s face prob’s both professionally n personally so if somrone has a prob n if he thinks tat some1 can solve tat then he can post tat n if some1 can help then tat would b great(tat help should not include money matter)
    5) THE EXPY CLUB- where v can share our past experiences i.e teen age, chilhood etc

    i know many things stated above cannot b implemented but the ideas v get should b shared as some irrelavent ideas can sometimes bring relavent stuff..

  2. raj aryan says:

    i would like to suggest a new thing and if u like the idea u can implement tat as wel. i was thinking of starting a new coloum called “THE VOICE” where v can give a topic and others can pass their comments and views about tat. the topic can have a wide range of fields i.e politics, sports, film critics, and celebrities news but of relevent stuff, post a picture and can ask wat exactly they understand from tat. v can change the topic every monday and one meet of steering commity can decide the topic 4 the entire month. in this way everyone would go through the blog regularly and v can make it interesting as well. v can also select the best view and name the person as wel. v can increase the positive nature of the people and can have a chance of knowing many things as can read the views of many people on a very wide range of topics….hope u like the idea and please do reply me whether u like tat or not

    • Chrysalis says:

      Dear Raj,

      First of all thanks for your suggestions…
      It is essetial for club that not only does the members participate in all events but also come forward with ideas to improve upon the activities….
      In particular reharding the suggestion about starting a new activity called “The Voice” I woul request you to visit our section called “Whats your Opinion“…
      The section is of a similar sort and has been started with a similar motive….
      We are also planning to start of with a section called “perceptions” where we would like everyone to discuss their perceptions on a topic(which might be an image, phrase etc.)
      I think between these two section most of the points will be covered….
      If however you have some points to improve it or your idea of new section is different from the existing one we can discuss that and start one…

  3. Nitin Kumar says:

    Hi, I would like to be part of literary club.
    Nitin kumar,Emp. code: 18000, 9885988207 ,

  4. Chrysalis says:

    Chrysalis welcomes the following to the Literary section of Club hobbies.

    Deepti Daulat Dongarwar
    Ashish Trivedi
    Nidhi Sinha
    Pratit Agarwal
    Pallavi Agnihotri
    R. Manikandan
    Debashis Dash
    Karishma Subudhi
    K Neelima V
    Md arshad alam
    Srividhya Sridharan
    Teenu Mary
    Srinivasa Rao T
    Sampada Wani
    Shakti Singh
    Neetika Rana

  5. karishma says:

    Hi..please enroll me for the Literary section.
    Employee code- 14483
    Mobile no. -9985460453

  6. Sampada Wani says:

    Interested in joining the literary section.
    Employee code:15382
    Mob no. 9177459806.

  7. Pallavi Agnihotri says:

    Interested in joining literary section
    employee code 11841
    Phone No. 9966489046
    Please detail about the activities within the section

  8. nidhi sinha says:

    hi!! am interested to join the literary section of t hobbies club.
    Nidhi Sinha, Employee Code-14510
    mob no. 9703836995

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