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I am not at all photogenic and so avoid getting within the frame of any photo. I have tried everything. Well, it’s a different story that like any normal person, in any photograph, my eyes search and stop at my own image, only to get that “awww” feeling. I have seen luckier ones. I have seen marriages being fixed just based on a snap! I have seen people adding people to friend circle on various community sites based on their snaps. This led me to probe the matter. Hence, I decided to research and research I did for years. And while I sat under the apple tree, and apple fell on my head, the ABC of things-going-wrong for me dawned upon me! So, this review is for all those who are sailing in the same Titanic as me. Let us get better snaps clicked to make this world a better place.

So here is the new age ABC of Photography

A for Angle: Yes, maybe I need to stand at the correct angle especially when I am blessed with more width than height. The falling apple enlightened me to the fact that the angle should be 47 degrees to the camera. That will be just right to convert me into a perfect figure! But the most important thing is that try to take your photos from above or below your subject. Some of the best shots are taken sitting on a chair or kneeling on the ground.


B for Backlit:For a glowing silhouette effect, have your subject stand in front of a widow or sunny sky. Be sure to use your flash with this one.

C for Chronology:Take pictures form the beginning to the end of each event, rather than isolating short to “picture taking time”

D for Diagonal Lines: Arrange people to form a visual triangle, to create balance and a sense of movement in your pictures. Better try to keep the dresses as colorful as possible. They will help distracting the viewers and hence give an illusion of a beautiful “fotoo”.

E for Eyes: Since beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, we now have one more source of possible error in judgement. What you can do is ask the person who is NOT admiring your snap to get his eyes checked by some GEEK.


F for Focus: The need of the hour is focus! Many a times, it’s the cameraman who is the main culprit. Its the cameraman who needs to make sure he focuses on the subject rather than the distracting objects around it. So, before getting the snaps clicked, make sure that even the eyes of the cameraman is checked thoroughly.

G for Groups: Always try to take pictures in groups such as siblings, grandparents, etc cos that will cover the most of ur pic and the backdrop that you don’t want to show.

H for Hand: This is really tough. Many a times, I am left wondering where to hang my hands. Should I place them on my kamara.. sorry kamar (waist)! Should I cross them behind my back or hold them in front. So, I just let them hang and look lost and maybe that’s another of the reason for the fiasco in the name of my snap! So always get close ups of people using their hands. This would be great for sports, sewing, cooking or body language when talking.

I for Innovation: You can innovate new ideas to collect all beautiful items (things) around you and arrange in a fashion that can help create a mirage of a perfect picture! Think, innovate and change the world! Capture what makes each person unique. Just remember every quirk is fair game!

J for Just, K for Korrect and L for Lights: Just Korrect Lights (any spelling mistake is to be attributed to my recent English classes). Light follows a peculiar path when it falls on me. Either it reflects badly and gives me a ghostly and ghastly look or it refuses to reach me leaving me in dark. I am still looking for the KORRECT kind of light.

M for Mood: This one is very important. Professor of moodolgy, Doctor Mood pecker says that YOUR mood controls the way the camera reacts to you. The better mood you are in, the better will be your photo. So, when you are feeling blue, all you have to do is stay away from anything that resembles camera. Besides use mirrors, windows, and reflective surfaces to add a fun and unusual effect to your photos.

N for Normal: Agreed. Fine. Being normal helps. No point in being conscious of an inanimate thing like camera. Be cool, be calm and don’t run for the cover or the mirror when someone says “cheese”. It’s so easy to advice but why can’t I ever follow it. But also remember that the suns natural light is the most flattering light for any subject.


O for Outdoors: whenever you are clicking pics in outdoors, try to use natural backgrounds as your setting so that you can utilize the best available light..

P for Pose: Some like to pose with their hand on their cheek with a pen in tow. Some like to stand by the window. Some sit in café coffee day. Some just smile. Some stand by the river, some by a tree. Some hang from a pole. Some try to hold on to their hats. Some decide to show only their forehead in their photo. You can pick and chose and experiment. A good pose will get you a good applause.

Q for Quickie: By virtue of experiments, it has been proved that a quickly taken snap comes out more natural than the one that takes a lot of time. So, quickies are always good! Be quick with your camera, you don’t want to miss a thing.

R for Ridiculous, S for Smile: I tried it all. If I show my teeth, they take up majority of the frame. If I don’t show, it looks that I am eating some rosogulla! So, how much smile is too much smile? I am yet to discover. But smile is a must.

T for Technology: Well, if the snap is really bad, we can always take the help of Photoshop! Give it a hazy look. Make some frame of flowers around you. Color the hair. Make your snap Black and White. And Aila! Your pic can be the pick of the year!


U for yourself: You shouldn’t always be the one with the camera, pass it off or use self timers so that you are included in shots. Whenever possible, grab the next person in sight who is much less photogenic than you. The end result would be a charming YOU!

V for Variety: Use you camera and your imagination to capture the wildest pic possible. Show someone with plateful of chicken or sneezing…

W for Weather: Ever realized how beautiful weathers are in our country?? Include all the seasons in your photos…

 X for extreme Close ups: Get close enough to see the freckles or the left-over Birthday cake but beware sometimes it may result in slaps ;).

Y for Youthfulness: Catch kids’ high jinks and scrapes. If your first impulse is to scold, try snapping instead.

Z for Zoom: Use your zoom lens when you are far away to catch candid moments. This feature is must for Birdwatchers or one who want to catch some really funny moments.

Phew!!! After all this research, I have understood one fact – that photography is not that easy……But what we need is practice and patience..

So now leave this write up.

Grab your camera and click some pics…


Crossword – I

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1.   What TM is short form of? (9)

2.   A new .inexperienced person–Cove in (anagram) (6)

3.   The Olympic gold medal consists of 92.5% of this metal (6)

5.   In a higher place (5)

7.   Precipitation in form of ice (5)

8.   A solitary performer in Norway’s capital (4)

11. A sequence of Musical notes in agar (4)

12. Transition metal represented by Ti (8)




1.   To destroy as does a war submarine (7)

2.   A capital city which lied when in India (3,5)

3.   Inanimate male made of snow (7)

5.   Take into custody (6)

6.   Yellow pigment found in a chore (5)

8.   A despicable person-also a disease caused by deficiency of Vitamin C (6)

9.   A small amount given by the ninth letter of Greek alphabet (4)

10. Unusually enlightened-until I mail (anagram) (10)


Post your replies in the comment section. 

~*~Go SnAp~*~

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Dear Shutter Bugs…

Registration part is over now

 What is in store for you in Photography Club?

Any guesses???



No clues!!!!!!

Then let me explain it to you…


Celebrations is around the corner and its time for our DRL to have fun. And along with fun we also see it as a good ground to hone our skills and show-off our hidden skills of Photography…..

It is our endeavor to appreciate and encourage your creativity and thoughtfulness through our competition “Go Snap” with the theme CeLeBrAtIoNs. The contest will reward the best in creative, original photography talent of IPDOiets

So grab your camera and set out on a photographic journey! Capture fascinating moments in everyday event or even an aspect of our celebrations that you love the most. Whether it’s a breathtaking moment from your participation in an event or a picture taken by you in backdrop of celebrations…

Capture the moments of Spirit and excellence…

Be it Good, Bad (or Ugly???)…Be it sad or funny

If your picture speaks a thousand words you could be a winner!

So come let’s Shoot and win prizes….

From 17th December onwards we are starting off with activities at our blog also. This will include

1. Technical Posts (Details about the technical stuff of your camera and photographs)

2.Various software and their uses

3. Reviews of cameras (Request from all the participants to give a small review about the camera they are using)

4. Pick of the month (Reviews of the best camera available)

5. Picture of the month (Best Pic of the month, submitted to us)

And for this part we need inputs from all of you.


You can send in your pictures, articles, reviews or anything related to photography to


Apart from these activities we are planning for a Meet every month. The first meet is planned on 17th December. The timing and venue is as given under


Venue: Acharya Dr. Praffula Chandra Ray

Time: 2.00-3.00 pm

Date: 17th Dec 2008


Also you can come up with your own activities and we can help you in organizing it.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Camera, start Shooting and Sharing….


Let’s make this place livelier.


Thanks and Regards

Chrysalis Team

Quizzard – 1

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1. On Feb 28, 1953: Francics Circk announced in ‘The Eagle Pub’

                         ”We have found the secret of life”

 What was the secret that he and his co-worker James Watson had discovered?


2. Harsha Bogle is a famous cricket commentator, Nagesh Kukunoor is a successful film maker and Sanjay Sawhney is a pop music singer. However, there is something that’s common to all of them. Can you find out what it is?


3. Of which Music Band is Aussie cricketer Brett Lee a part of?

(a)   Rockers and Yorkers

(b)   Stumped

(c)    Six and Out

(d)  Bowled Out



4. This doodle appeared way back in Jan 4, 2006, completely composed of dots. It was issued on Jan 4th as a tribute to a blind man who had contributed humongously to the society by way of his invention. Who was this person?


5. This google doodle appeared on 10th Sep 2008, what famous event did it represent?



6. A daughter of a Nobel Laurete from India, An accomplished actress, she played a part in films like Black, Marigold, Tango Charlie and in Rang Rasiya. Name her father.


7. In the movie Taare Zameen ParAamir Khan was an arts teacher and tutor of special Kids.What was his character called?


8. His goodbye letter was written in a typical “no caps” style, and had in it

“as all of you know,i have always and will always bleed purple” .

Who was he?

(a)   Jerry YangYahoo CEO

(b)   Todd Stizer,CEO Cadbury

(c)    Anand Jon,Defaced Designer

(d)  Steve Irwin ,Crocodile Hunter


9. Unscramble “RADIUM CAME” to get the name of its inventor.


10.Identify the phrases,






From 8th december onwards we are starting off with all the activities. Visit our blog for weekly quizzes, crosswords, sudoku etc.

You can send in your articles, reviews, poems,prose,jokes, anything. Send in your entries to or Each month we will select out the best entries which will then be shared with all of IPDO.Apart from these activities we are planning for a LitMeet every month. The first meet is planned on 15th december. The timing and venue for the same will be confirmed later. Request you to confirm your participation.

Also you can come up with your own activities and we can help you in organizing it.

So what are you waiting for. Pick up your pen and paper and start writing. Lets make this place livelier