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Steps and Octaves

Posted: February 27, 2009 in Events, Hobbies Club, Steps and Octaves

Club Hobbies

Steps and Octaves

Dear Members,

Steps and Octaves is having its first meet

Date: 2 march 09(Monday)

Time: 4-4:30 pm

Venue: Edward Jenner hall – A block ground floor


All registered members and interested people are requested to be at the meet up.

Let’s meet, plan, discuss and begin this musical journey.


Team Chrysalis


Dear Folks,

 A Warm and Hearty welcome to all of you to “STEPS & OCTAVES” A club for all the dance and music enthusiasts.


We got an over-whelming response and Thank you once again for showing your interest and expressing the rockstar inside you.


Below is a glimpse of what “STEPS & OCTAVES” is all about and what you can expect from it.


Club: Steps & Octaves


Purpose: To provide you an atmosphere where you can learn, share, expertise in your area of interest and ultimately Refersh yourself with lots of Masti and Fun.


Structure:  As the name suggests the club consists of Two Major Sections – Dance and Music. The Music section is again divided into Two Sub-sections – Vocals and Instrumentals.

Activity: The Activities of STEPS & OCTAVES are basically in two modes – Online and Offline.

Online Activities : These activities will be running on the blog- so keep blogging @ . It will be more on knowledge basis.

1)       Knowledge sharing

2)       Music & Dance Library

3)       Events Around Hyderabad

4)      Movie/Song/album of the Month

5)       General discussion

6)      And Lots More based on inputs from the members

Offline Activities: These activities will  involve performances, practices, trainings etc. This will help in nurturing and expertising your talents.

1)       Get-togethers

2)       Jamming Sessions

3)       Competitions

4)      Live performances

5)       Training & Workshops

6)      And Lots More based on inputs from the members


 Mode of Communication: blog and e-mails.

Please make yourself available on 2nd of march for a 30 min meetup from 1600 to 1630 hrs ,so that we get acquainted with the members in the club and discuss our interests.

List of members

 Ajitabh Sinha 
Cliff Oslino Fernandes 
Abhijeet Kumar 
 B.Hanimi Reddy
Bhaskar Napte
Geetika Mahajan
Janesh Kumar
Garima Arora
Nitesh Jain
Gururaj Vasudevamurthy
B.Hanimi Reddy 
Dr.J. Suryakumar 
K. Jyothirmayi
Ramana Kumar.K
K srihari babu
N. Sheetal Anand
Arabindakshya Mishra
Rishi Rahangdale
Rajib Sarkar
Rakshit Trivedi
Mayur Raval
Ratish Acharya 
Roshan Palewar
S. Laxman
Santosh Solankar
Shilpa S Shete
T Madhavi
Sujatha Thiagarajan
 Sandeep M. Yergude
Karishma subudhi
Mohammed Azeez
E Srinivas
Pramendra Yadav
K.Sundara lakshmi.
Vamsi Krishna
S Sandeep
U Komarelly
Safana Sayeed
Vamsi Krishna
Nitin subhash baheti


So, Folks what are you waiting for Get Geared up for lots of Moves, Rhythms and Music.



Steps and Octaves.

We develop a Product!!!

We file!!!

We get the approval!!!!

But sometimes we fail to launch!!!!!!

Why?????? Where do we miss!!! Or what can we do to avoid such situation.

Chrysalis Brings

“Erudition” – Session on Manufacturability (Formulation) to provide a detailed and broader understanding of the manufacturability aspect of a product with illustrative case studies.

Scope of the session:

1. Manufacturability: Understanding of manufacturability from R&D as well Production point of view.

2. Dimensions of manufacturability: Process Aspects Vs Formulation aspects.

a. Formulation development approach

b. Analytical techniques

c. Unit operations

d. Scalability

e. Process validation and equipment qualification.

3. Quality impacting aspects of manufacturing.

a. Quality by Design

b. Process Analytical Technology

4. Business impacting aspects of manufacturing.

5. Bottlenecks and Paradigms


J.K Nayanar

Head, Pilot Plant and New Product Validation

Venue: C block Training Hall

Date and Time: 10th March 2009, 2.30 to 5.30 PM

Target Audience:  Open for all IPDOites.

It’s mandatory for TTs to attend the session.

~*Wah Hyderabad*~

Posted: February 23, 2009 in Events, Hobbies Club, Photography Club
Dear Shutter Bugs

 First of all lemme thank all the participants for sending superb pics and congratulate the winners of GO SNAP..

And there is some good news for us that Around Dr. Reddy’s and Elixir is now looking for Pics from Chrysalis and we hope that soon we will see some of our pics in Elixir and Around Dr Reddy’s.
But is that all we can do???

How many of us have seen Hyderabad??
Lets talk about

Charminar, Chaumahla Palace, Ramoji Film City, Golcond Fort, Hussain Sagar, Lumbini park, Durgam Cheravu, Birla Temple, Necklace road, National zoological Park or Falaknuma Palace???

Ok, lets make it easy..
how about

Jams at JNTU and Cyber Towers, rush at Kukatpalli and Ameerpet, Autowalas at SR Nagar, Bangle shop @ lad bazaar, Pigeons at Mecca Masjid, Beggars at Jublie Checkpost, Holi at Madhapur or Biryani at Paradise??

To give you a chance to show your Hyderabad through your pics..
Team Chrysalis is coming up with a Competetion

What are you waiting for…
Pick your camera and start shooting..
Send us your pic of your Hyderabad…
Last date of sending your pics is 27th March…
Your pic can appear in Elixir or ADR or on our Blog…

What’s Your Opinion – II

Posted: February 18, 2009 in Events, Literary Club

Probably one of the most oft repeated sentence which one might have heard as a teenager (some might be still hearing this!!!) from one’s parents is that “Cleanliness is next to godliness”. I guess we all will agree to this. Especially, when we are working in an environment where quality requirements supersede anything and everything else. After all, no good can come out of dirty, sloppy work. Right!!!

Scottish scientist, Alexander Fleming, was researching the flu in 1928. One day he noticed that a blue-green mold had infected one of his petri-dishes and it killed the staphylococcus bacteria growing in it. And thus was discovered Penicillin.

If he wouldn’t have been sloppy and would have followed his research more systematically and neatly, I doubt whether he would have stumbled on penicillin.

No doubt, systematic and methodical approaches are neccesary for solving problems but some how when it comes to discoveries, its exactly the opposite which seems to work. Chance is the the only factor which makes the difference. Infact, I would say – “Discoveries/Invention are Chances

Now one can always argue there are inventions/discoveries which were made not by chance but were actually intended. However, how many of these were used for the intended purpose they were invented/ discovered for in the first place.

In early 18th century, a pharmacy invented and sold a new cold syrup. However it was soon discovered that the syrup tasted better than actually curing the ailment(whether it actually cured anything is still a debatable topic). Hence was found what we all are addicted to, carbonated beverages or cold drinks.

It is a fact that Columbus discovered the sea route to America. But what is also a fact is that it is the route to India he intended to discover.

And these are just few of the many examples around. Statistically, more than 75% of the discoveries/inventions have been reported to fall in one of the above two categories. Hard work, perseverance, patience are all required. But more often then not these revolutionary findings which alter the face of the entire society is a product of Luck by Chance.


What is the key to success?

How to select the path to progress and growth?

What skills are needed to move ahead in corporate environment?


Technical Trainees Program is a platform for intellectual and creative growth of the Trainees.  In-order to compliment the technical skills, personal and professional development is also very essesntial.


As a part of this endeavour, an interactive session has been planned focusing on,


“How to transform yourselves from technical students to good professionals to future leaders”


The session will be facilitated by Prabir Jha, Global Chief – Human Resources & Corporate Communications


Date & Time: 5th March’09, 10:00 am to 12.00pm

Venue: Training Room, C Block, Basement

Finally the Days have arrived..
The Days for us to express ourself through our voices….And to jam our Rhythms and getting clubbed under one language —Body Language




 Club Name: Steps And Octaves

 Purpose: To Measure Ur Self

 A club for music lovers and dance sicks….

Join with us..

Dash Ur thoughts..

Drain Ur creativity here..

Create fun..

Recreate Urself and Recreate others….

Re Create ur soul..

Well to be part of this, no by-birth talent or special skills required. Only what you need is Loads and Loads of Enthusiasm which is surely hidden somewhere inside you and you want it to bring to the outside world.

What should I do?

Just fill this… And pocket it….

Employee Name  
Employee Code   
Mobile No  
Mail id  


 Specialized in: (If)  

 Send it to


Blog ur entries in

Rush ur entries..

Start brush up ur minds..

We are ready with our members..

Contact :  

For Steps:

Karthikeyan.E (Dance)—9618950500

For Octaves:

Vipul Jain (Instrumental)—9000133374

Christina (vocal)—9000606639

Creatively yours


Team Chrysalis