Rebuses – 1

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Literary Club

A rebus (Latin: “by things”) is a kind of word puzzle that uses pictures to represent words or parts of words.

For example :signifies  ‘Point Blank Range‘.

Here are 10 Rebuses for you. Just stress your nerve cells a bit and post your answers to these picto-puzzles.

  1. GRB Ravish says:

    How could Nishant alone solve all of them.. Make sure he isn’t the one who makes these rebuses 😛

  2. Nishant Sharma says:

    these are some of my guesses:

    1. vitamin A deficiency
    2. Partly cloudy
    3. middle of the night
    4. second glance missing ..or without a second glace
    5. forgive and forget
    6. water or H2O
    7. Robin hood
    8. Balanced meal
    9. millionaire
    10. Long time no see

  3. bhakti korgaonkar says:

    1) Vitamin A deficiency
    4) a second glance
    5) to forgive and forget
    8) put a meal on the table
    10) abide to the time
    plz correct me if i m wrong..

  4. animesh says:

    first one is vitamin a deficiency , 2) partly cloudy 3) middle of the night 5) forgive and forget 6) water

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