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Posted: September 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Here is the list of contact persons for Chrysalis-2010. The list is dynamic and not exhaustive.

People interested in taking up responsibility are encouraged to do so.

Name Club/Activites Involved Email id Contact No.
Shubhanjan Bhattacharya Overall Activites /Literary Club 9502591254
Deepshikha Overall Activities 9618883686
GRB Ravish Photography/Sahyog 9676544940
Raghu Ram Literary Club/ Sahyog 7799116905
Mohd. Navaid Khan Workshops/Seminars 9642465729
Nishant Sharma Steps n Octaves 7702534869
Animesh Literary Club/ Quizzing 9985384516
Rahul Ghosh Photography 9642466204
  1. Nishant Sharma says:

    Hello guys …
    its a high time now to atleast do something for chrysalis. I am thinking to organize a small event so that we guys could atleast have a get together and we could think further to how to proceed. Kindly give ur suggestions in this post.
    thank u

    Note:- suggestions regarding ” steps and octaves” will be highly appreciated 🙂

  2. prateekdani says:

    Hey hi everyone..
    Saw the change in the chrysalis… was gr8!! congratulate the efforts behind it…
    Nice to see you all.. would like to extend a support to Chrysalis… I think I can contribute to the Literary Club and Photography Club!
    We can have a Photograph of the week/month and post it up on the website…
    I can try and put up some questions for the quiz as well…

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