Posted: March 25, 2009 in Hobbies Club, Literary Club



 1. Which Russian female made headlines on Nov 3 ,1957 for doing what no one of its kind ever did before?


2. Who are these people and what is common between them?



 3. This term is coined by  O.Henry which is  generally used to describe nations which are politically unstable  , which is also the  name of a leading apparel brand?


 4. Started as “Jerry’s guide to world wide web “, which is now among one of the biggest names in IT, name the company



 5. This comic book hero was born as Kal El  on the planet of Krypton before being rocketed to earth who eventually went on to become a superhero .Name the character


6. Howie Dorough, Brian Littrel , Nick Carter, Kevin  Richardson, A.J.McLean are famously known as….



7. This chess-playing computer developed by IBM won six game match by two wins to one with three draws against world champion Garry kasparov. Name the computer




8. This painting is extremely famous for its simplicity, is painted by a very famous Dutch artist .Name the painting and the artist. 


 9. Simple Math Puzzle


 a. There are certain number of flowers.

    If these are distributed as 2s there is 1 left out.
    If these are distributed as 3s there are 2 left out..
    If these are distributed as 4s there are 3 left out… 
    If these are distributed as 7s there are none left out.
    How many flower werethere ?

 b. Can you name a thing which so fragile that it can be broken even by uttering its name?



10.Name the only Nation whose flag is asymmetrical .

  1. Neelima.V says:

    Good job everyone
    let me give u the answers though most of them are answered
    2.those are the photographs of Kelly Clarkson and Abhijeet Sawanth, First ever American Idol and first ever Indian Idol respectively(Pranu you were very close,good job)
    3.Banana Republic
    6.Back street Boys
    7.Deep Blue
    8.the painting is Vase with twelve sunflowers and the artist is Vincent Van Gough
    b. the word is Silence
    10.the only nation with asymmetrical flag is Nepal

  2. Pranu says:

    2.Shakira & Abhijit Sawant : Talent Hunt products (I guess)

    10. Its Nepal ( I feel)

  3. karishma says:

    1. Laika
    2. Hmm.. abhijeet sawant and…- singers!!!
    3. Banana republic
    4. Yahoo
    5. Superman
    6. Backstreet boys
    7. Deep blue
    9. a) 35
    b) Silence..Well I feel even peace is also very fragile as a word!!..
    10. I feel switzerland!!

  4. Neelima.V says:

    good going Jayapriya try out th erest also , the last one is not switzerland

  5. Jayapriya jayaraman says:

    LEmme take the first shot at this..

    1.Laika the dog that did not survive the first spaceship flight!on sputnik!
    3.banana republic
    6.Backstreet boys
    7.deep blue!
    8.Vincent Van gough
    9.35 ,silence!
    10. I am taking a guess that its switzerlend..
    (assymetrical in its shape?,right?)

  6. Arun says:

    is the thing..fractions

  7. Arun says:

    35 flowers are there…

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