“Expedition” – R&D concepts to Commercial production (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)

Posted: March 18, 2009 in Events, Moderators


From Beaker to Reactor!


From 10 mg to 1000 Kg!!!

Same concept! Same process!! Same reaction!!!

What changes then……………?

Chrysalis Brings “Expedition” – R&D concepts to Commercial production (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) to provide a detailed and broader understanding of the manufacturability aspect of an API with illustrative case studies.

Scope of the session:

1. Manufacturability: Understanding of manufacturability from R&D as well Production point of view.

2. Dimensions of manufacturability:

a. Developmental Aspects

b. Scale Up aspects

c. Process validation and equipment qualification.

4. Bottlenecks and Paradigms

5. Learning from the experiences


K.R. Janardana Sarma

Vice President, COE Process Engineering

Venue: C block Training Hall

Date and Time: 25th March 2009, 2.30 to 5.30 PM

Target Audience: Open for all IPDOites. It’s mandatory for TTs to attend the session.

Team Chrysalis


  1. Pallavi says:

    Thanks to all who attended the session!!!!!
    But I have a word to put to all others (Tech Trainees)
    Guy!! These sessions are being conducted for you specifically.
    Topics are chosen anticipating your need during your training period and scope is defined after having inputs and discussion from many experienced professionals out here.

    Team Chrysalis expects you all to come up with your suggestions, in case we are not meeting your expectations regarding the methodology or the topic of the interactive sessions (which is still not much interactive from TT).

    You all desire for more!!! we will put our best to meet your expectation, but to get that you need to desire, you need to be responsive.

    Team Chrysalis is always open for feedback & suggestions. We have initiated something that is being appreciated throughout the organization. lets all contribute to its success.

  2. karishma says:

    Session has rightly catered towards the understanding of basics. Good one !!!

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