~*Steps and Octaves~

Posted: February 11, 2009 in Events, Hobbies Club, Steps and Octaves, Uncategorized
Finally the Days have arrived..
The Days for us to express ourself through our voices….And to jam our Rhythms and getting clubbed under one language —Body Language




 Club Name: Steps And Octaves

 Purpose: To Measure Ur Self

 A club for music lovers and dance sicks….

Join with us..

Dash Ur thoughts..

Drain Ur creativity here..

Create fun..

Recreate Urself and Recreate others….

Re Create ur soul..

Well to be part of this, no by-birth talent or special skills required. Only what you need is Loads and Loads of Enthusiasm which is surely hidden somewhere inside you and you want it to bring to the outside world.

What should I do?

Just fill this… And pocket it….

Employee Name  
Employee Code   
Mobile No  
Mail id  


 Specialized in: (If)  

 Send it to vipulj@drreddys.com


Blog ur entries in www.drlttclub.wordpress.com

Rush ur entries..

Start brush up ur minds..

We are ready with our members..

Contact :  

For Steps:

Karthikeyan.E (Dance)—9618950500

For Octaves:

Vipul Jain (Instrumental)—9000133374

Christina (vocal)—9000606639

Creatively yours


Team Chrysalis

  1. N.SRI PALLAVI says:

    Emp no -18036

    Cell no- 9573240380


  2. RAJ aryan says:

    emp name-raj gopal sharma
    emp no- 18688
    cell no-9490370246
    mailing i.d- raj_aryan2109@yahoo.com
    —-wana learn guiter or flute or any other instrument
    –it would b great if u can start keyboard classes aswell

  3. G.Srivardhan says:

    Interested to start a new club…Gummakkad

    many people are interested to know their city .when new and have very less tensions this thought of roaming the city ,explore it will be in higher levels .I hope a club kind of thing be started with new place every weekend .Details like place to meet first,time to start,Details of the group or person coordinating the event with phone numbers and expected time to return with some idea of the geography of that place can be uploaded in CHRYSALIS.It will help many people to take some decision and it will be a great enjoyment to move in groups than to move alone.I hope this idea will turn to reality soon.

    I expect a huge response and invite more comments on this issue.

  4. G.Srivardhan says:

    Interested to start a new club …Jokes Club…

    Idea Behind: Every day a new quote has been written on the board near the cafe( our TT club Board).I hope It will be good if a joke also be written .Any one passing by can have a ook and have a small smile which can change his mood.let us try…

    Problems expected and solutions(FAQ):
    1)How to collect jokes?
    2)who will censor them ?
    MAy be in the website we can start a joke column so that any one can upload the jokes ,also there are many websites which will send jokes and quotes free of cost to mobiles it can also be tried.
    To answer who will censor for a few days the job can be taken up by the Lit club till the new TT understand the level of humor and uncensored allowed.

    Think of it.let us joke and Laugh

  5. Pushpak says:

    Name: Pushpak
    Emp code: 14705
    Ph. No.: 9010195576
    Interested in: music

  6. Umesh N Pathak says:

    Name: Umesh
    Emp Code: 12063
    Mob No.: 09293945844
    Intrested In: Guitar Playing

  7. vamskrishna says:

    emp code: 12808
    Interested in : FLute

  8. Sudhakar says:

    plz include me for Music – instrumental
    emp code- 14468
    ph no- 9912304546

  9. Vamsi says:

    Emp Code : 10632
    Emp Name : Vamsi Krishna
    Interest : Music
    Mobile No: 9866793190

  10. Sundaralakshmi says:

    Emp Code : 10628
    Emp Name : K.Sundara lakshmi.
    Interest : Dance
    Mobile No:9908196039

  11. mgpraneeth says:

    Emp name: Praneeth
    Emp code: 311407 (HR Chambers)
    Mobile no: 9959994510
    Interest: Dance

  12. Pramendra Yadav says:

    Hi Christina
    Plz register me for the singing section

    Pramendra Yadav
    Biofuels team

  13. E Srinivas says:

    Dance club registration

    E Srinivas

  14. Haritha says:

    Emp name- Haritha
    Emp code- 14056
    mobile no.- 9849117432
    Email- parvataneni.haritha@gmail.com
    Interest – Dance

  15. Praneeth says:

    Emp name- Praneeth
    Emp code- NA
    mobile no.- 9959994510
    Interest – Dance

  16. Haritha says:

    Emp name- Haritha
    Emp code- 14056
    mobile no.- 9849117432
    Interest – Dance.

  17. mgpraneeth says:

    interest in dance

  18. L.Prakash says:

    I am interested to join in Singing club.

  19. Arjun says:

    Emp name: Arjun
    Emp code: 6340
    Mobile no: 9959385979
    Interest: Dance

  20. Mohammed Azeez says:

    Emp name- Mohammed Azeez
    Emp code- 8209
    mobile no.-9177882214
    Email- mohammedab@drreddys.com
    Interest -Dance.

  21. karishma says:

    Dear karthikeyan,
    Please enroll me in Dance

    Emp name- Karishma subudhi
    Emp code- 14483
    mobile no.-9985460453
    Email- karishmasubudhi@yahoo.co.in
    Interest -Dance.
    Specialised in having unending enthu for dance 🙂

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