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 1. 12This Photograph first appeared in a very famous magazine and was taken by its photographer in 1985. It created so much stir that the magazine’s reporter who originally took the photograph went the way back to Afghanistan and Pakistan where he had originally found this woman and discovered his hitherto anonymous model in 2002. Name the magazine


2. This photograph was taken by an English man, and it incited a huge debate and research on the object of the photograph. However, in 1934 this photograph was admitted to be fake. It was infact a toy submarine that the photographer and his accomplices had used to fool the world ,so convincingly ,of the reality of the object of the photograph. Can you guess what the English photographer was trying to fake?




The picture shows a famous comic character and his tiger cub. The creator of the comic strip retired( or rather) published his last strip on dec 31 , 1995. You might know the common characters in the picture , for they are published everyday in many leading Indian Newspapers. Who was their creator?





4.“Take it from me: Life is a struggle but you can win” is the autobiography of a famous woman, who was also epitomized in an Academy award winning film. The film dealt with the struggle of a lady who single handedly brings down a California Power company for polluting the city’s water supply. Can you identify the film?



5.Veni Vici Vendi-Latin for “I came I saw I conquered” was spoken by Julius Ceasar. “Jacta Alea Est” is one of his other famous utterances. What does that mean?



6. The answers to clues in First and Second column are short words. Combine them to get another word whose meaning is mentioned in the third column.

For eg


         A                                             B                                            C

Only or just a little                 solid form of water                          Fairness

    (Just)                                          (ice)                                      (justice) 




This is used to control        A condition or a geographic              To restore to

a horse                                      political entity                   its original position 




At this time                              In this place                              In no place


Fast                                      Precious Metal         Another  name for mercury


7. LG is a leading marketer of electronics worldwide. It associated itself with the Tag line “Life’s Good”. However LG is short for something else .Do you know what it is?


8. Dead Sea is a well-known sea on Earth where it is possible for humans for humans to float on water. There is however a “Sea of Rains”. Do you know where it is and what is so special about it?



4The picture shows the prediction of the path of cricket ball. You would have noticed, even if you are not a major sports aficionado that such predictions come of use especially when there are umpiring ambiguities in LBW decisions. Name the computer software system that is used for making these visual predictions.




10.Would a successful research on comparing the jumping abilities of fleas that live on Dog and cat demand an international Prize. We heard you say NO. The answer is a “YES”. These international prizes are awarded to seemingly funny and unimportant research work. They are according to their organizers given to research achievements that “first make people laugh and then think”. What is the name of this “coveted?” international prize?


  1. Jayapriya Jayaraman says:

    WOW!! great going!
    KArishma ,can u enlighten us on whats Laclede group..I dont know of that..would seriously like to know! and also whats Living saurian..?

    But this time looks like Sampada is gonna be The Champ! [;)]

  2. Sampada Wani says:

    Answers to Quizzard 2-
    1. National Geographic
    2.The Lake Monster (or Loch Monster)
    3.Bill Watterson
    4.Erin Brokovich
    5.’The die (plural of dice) has been cast’
    6.1)Reinstate 2) Nowhere 3)Quicksilver
    7. Lucky Goldstar
    8. It is a basin or region of volcanic rock formed due to accumulation of lava in a crater.
    LOCATION: Moon’s surface.
    9. Hawk-eye
    10. Ig Nobel Award

  3. Jayapriya Jayaraman says:

    that was a really good job..NEELIMA
    and the magazine in which the photograph appeared was not TIME.. although “TIME” ‘s cover photographs are much more famous!! -:)

    May be u can give a try with the rest of the questions!!??

  4. Neelima.V says:

    3-Bill Watterson
    4-Erin Brokovich
    5-the die is cast
    7-lucky goldstar
    10-Ig nobel award
    1-Time magazine

  5. karishma says:

    1. National geographic magazine, afghan girl
    2. Living saurian
    3. Bill watterson
    4. Erin brockovich
    5. ‘The die in cast’
    6. a) rein state reinstate
    b) now here nowhere
    c) quick silver quicksilver
    7. Laclede group Inc
    8. Mare Imbrium- basin on earths moon.It was formed when a large object hit the moon and lava flooded the giant crater.
    9. Hawk eye
    10. Ig nobel prize

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