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Posted: January 2, 2009 in Events, Hobbies Club, Literary Club


“Politics….Its for gangsters….Everybody is corrupt out there….Days of Gandhiji are gone now”

When was the last time you voiced a similar opinion?

And then we wonder why so many corrupt people are part of the system. How can they get elected and re-elected when the entire world knows about their deeds?

We all agree a change in required and necessary. But no one is willing to be the instrument for this change. While putting blame on others we have forgotten the fact that some onus is upon us also. Ask anyone about a career in politics and the first reply would be I am too educated for that.

But then why only politics. We criticize the teachers for not being able to cater the lot. We criticize the businessman for being too materialistic and profit oriented. And if we don’t find anything else we criticize almost everyone (excluding ourselves of course) for global warming, pollution and destroying our beloved mother earth? In every aspect of life, be it economics, education, or environment, We Criticize. But when it comes to us these laws seldom seems to be applicable. All the problems in the world become a bit too inconsequential for our personal involvement (and don’t even involve politics in this!!!).

“It appears that in search on Heroes outside we have killed the one inside us.”



  1. Neelima.V says:

    We worth Democracy (really??):
    We Indians are given bit too much Freedom. “Any thing in excess does no good” and Freedom is no exception.We boast that India is one among the fastest growing economies and we all think that we are getting modernized .But it is sad that our ideas are way too archaic.
    The major thing that our leaders have very well learnt from the British is to Divide and Rule
    And we are making ourselves effortlessly vulnerable to this
    Even today we can be divided based either on religion ,caste or language and we are pleased to fight over caste and creed
    This is the country where communism and regionalism thrive ,and we are the ones nourishing them.And don’t blame leaders for that ,they just ignite we are the ones who spread it.We become patriotic only when there is a national disaster ,the feeling just stays for a second and vanishes.
    Before blaming any one we must ask ourselves Do we worth Democracy??(‘coz it seems like we have lost our sense of discretion very long back)

  2. Venu Banka says:

    According to me it is very important for all of us to think or work out on the factors which is really affecting our politics which demands for revision of power distribution on the societies which draws the attention on the leadership strategies, political role of diverse social groups.
    The factors which is affecting Indian Democracy are:

    Religion: A political party’s support greatly depends upon the religion of the group. The main religions of India are Hinduism and Islam and each religion has parties from whom support is given.

    Caste: Every election preparations are based on religious campaigns and social gathering of a section in particular. Many national religious issues are the key points of the success in elections.

    Population: Since india is 2nd most populated country because of which India faces many problems in terms of employment, health programs, education, poverty, economy, land, development etc To stop the population growth rate had been a major issue for the political parties and the government.

    Development: India is sill a developing country and People want to see their country at a comparative position to Europe and America

    Regional division: India is a vast nation and a very densely populated country. This is major concern of political parties and even several parties are formed because of this reason.

    Economy: Economy is one of the key factors which decides the future of a political collation in India.

    Poverty and unemployment: It affects the politics as major segment of the people regardless of religion faces problem due to poverty and unemployment. It’s always a major issue for all the political parties and the ruling government to look after this problem

    International issues: The advent of information technology, recent wars with Pakistan, India role in world economy and world affairs had redefined the feeling of nationalism in India. People generally support those parties who are well capable to maintain respectable positions for India in world affairs.

    India deals with variety of politicized social groups – ethnic, class, caste, or regional – that periodically demands a great share of resources, autonomy and self-government.

  3. Ujjwal Kedia says:


    When Gandhiji suggested to offer the cheek again it was a sign of non violent protest…It was to coomunicate that come whatever, neither would I change my stance nor would I fight against you…But what we do is ignorance….Half the time we dont take any stance and whenever we do we dont work towards that in anyway….As bhupesh rightly quoted,Ignorance and inconsideration are the two great causes of the ruin of mankind.”

    @ All

    In case of politics, I agree to the point that demand of situation is very high and a single man(or woman) might not be sufficient….But an effort is required and though the return might not amount to anything it will still be a beginning…

    A point in itself might be insignificant and there is always a chance to loose it in a crowded space…But still, every line needs a point to start from…And once you have this point you can connect it with infinite others to make it as long and significant as you want…

    In specific regard to politics, I can say I have been a responsible citizen in terms of voting atleast. But still just voting….We can do more…We need not stand in election but atleast We can pursue our neighbours and friends to cast their votes….We can try to convince them to use their rights….But as Arun said for stuffs non related to us “We just dont give a damm“….

    Lets change this attitude….There will be resistance for every change has to face one…But why should it stop us from making the effort all together….
    What do you all say about this….

  4. Arun says:

    Well guys..my point is “I DONT GIVE A DAMN”..and I firmly believe that India is an influenced Democracy not a true democracy.

    And dont take it as a criticism it is an informed conclusion out of facts…which should be used to construct better india

    Lets talk numbers here…abt 75% of Indian are living in rural India…so if I am a politician “I DONT GIVE A DAMN” about the other 25% after all election is also a enterprice intended to maximize its returns..ISN’T IT.

    Also if I am a voter (from the rest 25%) ” I DONT GIVE A DAMN” becouse no matter how hard I ll try I cannot overturn the majority,all common sence suggests that there is no importance of that one vote we are talking about and which has been so well advetised in JAGO INDIA JAGO.To prove the point consider the flip flop of power 10 yrs back.

    “India is an influenced democracy”, the 75% electorate we are talking about is highly influenced by mob mentality and regional sentiments….thus making elections a moot point in Indian democracy.

    How ever India is an influenced democracy becouse “I DONT GIVE A DAMN”….knowing the facts and shirking the elections is no big deal but keeping a Cow’s opinion about things definately does….What if I try to inform this 75% electorate…What if I begin with a small step…What if I just begin…

    Think abt it

    I ll be back..


  5. jayapriya says:



    In the current scenario its tough to make a best choice ….the best any citizen can do is to make a compromise of choosing the best of a bad lot..and in many areas the elections are rigged completely by hooligans..

    So ..a normal citizen has to confront two huge uncertanities of whether he is voting for the right person or not..and whether his vote is counted or not..!..Only reason why most people are not enthusiastic about voting….

    The problem lies in the mechanism of sifting and setting standards for people who want to contest in elections..

    In my opinion there ARE qualified capable induviduals who want to serve the country through politics ..but there’s an ABYSS in the system that does not allow them too..


  6. Arun says:

    Wow!!! Now I see some fire in ppl…let me add some more spice to the discussion…I am posting some facts about the demographic profile of India.Try to develop ur critique of the issue on the basis of these facts..

    Rural Population: 72.2%,
    Urban Population:27.8%

    Present your views about India and Politics based on this data…I ll be back with my view soon….


  7. Karthik says:

    Adding to the Points of Bhupesh…

    How many of us Voted?

    i) Family Card ii) Driving License

    These too Government Identities only…
    But Those things adds Value to people, where the Voter Id not necessary at all..

    Now Its in the hands of Governing Bodies…
    Make The Laws Stringent…

    Vote or quit?
    Where there is a trough ….. Obvious flow turns there…
    Close all loopholes…

    Add values to the existing Systems…
    Then We can see 100% pooling…

    Coming to the Point of Ignorance…

    A story…
    i) Somewhere weapons entered near Gujarat….
    ii) Somewhere people entered near Gateway…
    iii) Both two mix at one spot..

    Now tell where the Ignorance….
    Make Basic Laws Strict and Stringent…
    Expect changes…

    Now with this scenario think about E-Governance and how it helps at this point of time (Proposed by Our Dr. Mm Singh, Rejected whole heartedly by almost all politicians)


  8. karishma says:

    This debate is actually very interesting ..Firstly,The very beginning sentence of the write up “Days of Gandhiji are gone “..I dont agree with this because one thing is still existing Just as Gandhiji told some years back “If you slap me on one cheek I’ll show you the other”.The same applies in our present lifestyle, suppose we encounter a blow by a particular political system we actually dont react but stay still and await the next blow.It is quite similar to showing your other cheek.But none of us actually revolt back in the first instance.

    Secondly, I agree with what Bhupesh has mentioned as to how many of us have voted in elections??……Really very true.The actual debate has to be ignited from here because just talking about corruptions will not do.I personally feel that it is a responsibility on behalf of each one of us to be proactive and take an initiative if we want some change from present situation.

  9. Ujjwal Kedia says:

    If I summarize the entire discussion till now, I feel we all are saying the same thing (though differently) and broadly agree to the point,
    Everyone is responsible for what is going around…
    But then what are we doing?
    Are we not criticizing the same?

    Are we not iterating the same words as that mention above?
    Who is wrong is definitely a question….
    But the bigger question is, Are you wrong or not….
    Are you making an effort to improve things around or atleast not make it worse?

    But most of us( and I will include myself also in this) will just let things proceed in the similar fashion rather then trying to change them…I agree with what bhupesh said about voting…But that’s just a single aspect….Leave politics and even in our day to day life we are doing activities which contradicts our stance…
    We criticize government for not being able to support enough schools for the backward and underprivileged group but we will never bother about the children near us….
    We can keep on discussing this and the output will be criticism (unless someone else comes up against the view point altogether…)….
    So let’s start discussing what can be done in this regard….how can you leave the group of cribbers and actually make the Hero Alive Again….

  10. Christina.E says:

    Well ,if each of us do agree to the point that there is ignorance and we don’t bother to do anything more than CRIB about everything that is going wrong, then lets just start working towards eliminating the so called ignorance .
    Let us start applying it on ourselves first.If u feel eliminating is a HUGE word ,lets remember
    for anything we do(society), not just for our career (self).

    It is said that the future of the country is in the hands of YOUTH ,lets try not to encourage corruption or anything that is against the LAW-I think this is more than enough to contribute to the society if we are not really interested getting into the system to clean it up .

    Coming to the point of having a secure n corrupt free tommorrow and getting into politics then let us set an example and try to influence the tommorrows youth if we can’t change today’s situation.

    We obviosly need patience coz its gonna be a long wait and if we start -i mean ,the sooner the better .

  11. Bhupesh says:

    Nice thoughts
    I would like to quote ur lines first This is because we just TALK n TALK we never stand against it … See you said it yourself.
    Ok tell me one more thing, how many of us voted in elections ( i did only once and hope that you haven’t voted yet) though we know that this is right thing to do and our RIGHT too. But we don’t have time to do what is our right reason we are busy with our bread and butter and think that this is not our Cup of tea, but when anything went wrong, we do only one thing Cribbing and blame our politicians for their ignorance.

    But who are the real ignorants???

    Those leaders (politicians) or we, the people who gave them opportunity to be ignorant about us……

    Recently i came across a nice quote by a famous French Writer Anatole France, he said “Ignorance and error are necessary to life, like bread and water.”
    But Ignorance and inconsideration are the two great causes of the ruin of mankind.

    What say now???

  12. Pallavi says:

    I disagree to saba’s comment or rather I would say this comment is an similar picture of what has been said above as ‘critisizm’.

    I agree there are flaws in the system but these flaws persist because we have closed our eyes. we are pretending to be ignorant.
    if we count, there would always be majority of people who would talk about peace (anti terrorism), talk against corruption & extremism. but!! if thats the majority, how can handful of people who support corruption and terrorism dominate and get success in acheiving what they target. This is because we just TALK n TALK we never stand against it. I guess debate is not about right and wrong because thats well define and everyone knows, rather its about where do we stand in supporting right and against wrong.

  13. Saba Yousaf says:

    That’s because there’s no love/goodness in the world, people just aint worth it. They’re not willing to change, or are they? Too much selfishness, people dont want to sacrifice for others. If you’re gonna play a part best to do it for God. I’m surprised someone actually cares out there.

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