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Posted: December 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

Dear Shutter Bugs…

Registration part is over now

 What is in store for you in Photography Club?

Any guesses???



No clues!!!!!!

Then let me explain it to you…


Celebrations is around the corner and its time for our DRL to have fun. And along with fun we also see it as a good ground to hone our skills and show-off our hidden skills of Photography…..

It is our endeavor to appreciate and encourage your creativity and thoughtfulness through our competition “Go Snap” with the theme CeLeBrAtIoNs. The contest will reward the best in creative, original photography talent of IPDOiets

So grab your camera and set out on a photographic journey! Capture fascinating moments in everyday event or even an aspect of our celebrations that you love the most. Whether it’s a breathtaking moment from your participation in an event or a picture taken by you in backdrop of celebrations…

Capture the moments of Spirit and excellence…

Be it Good, Bad (or Ugly???)…Be it sad or funny

If your picture speaks a thousand words you could be a winner!

So come let’s Shoot and win prizes….

From 17th December onwards we are starting off with activities at our blog also. This will include

1. Technical Posts (Details about the technical stuff of your camera and photographs)

2.Various software and their uses

3. Reviews of cameras (Request from all the participants to give a small review about the camera they are using)

4. Pick of the month (Reviews of the best camera available)

5. Picture of the month (Best Pic of the month, submitted to us)

And for this part we need inputs from all of you.


You can send in your pictures, articles, reviews or anything related to photography to bhupeshp@drredyys.com.


Apart from these activities we are planning for a Meet every month. The first meet is planned on 17th December. The timing and venue is as given under


Venue: Acharya Dr. Praffula Chandra Ray

Time: 2.00-3.00 pm

Date: 17th Dec 2008


Also you can come up with your own activities and we can help you in organizing it.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Camera, start Shooting and Sharing….


Let’s make this place livelier.


Thanks and Regards

Chrysalis Team


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