We Came, We Saw, We Conquered

Posted: October 21, 2008 in Moderators

Before we start of with our views, I would like to share a piece of poem I came across recently!!!!

He came alone into the battle
He knew nobody else could face His foe
He left His throne, He left His glory
He knew nobody else could ever go
He called the bluff; He took the challenge…

He came, He saw, He conquered death and hell
He came, He saw, He is alive and well
He was, He is, and only He forgives
He died, He rose, He lives
He came, He saw, He conquered!

And this is what we felt on the Thursday eve, The EVE of IPDO Celebrations, on seeing the performance of technical trainees. 



The night itself was supposed to be majestic. After all it is the IPDO celebrations we all are talking about. Our annual award event completely blended with high energy entertainment. A formulation expected to cause some severe side effects.

The evening was a quest for excellence and the spirit was reflecting in everything. Whether it was the contagious performance by our dancers (Hopefully nobody jumped on your feet and vice versa!!), or moving of the bodies to the tunes of Christina or for that matter the laughter anecdote by our laughter champions. They were all out there to excel.

All the participants were charged to get into the celebrity shoes and out do the others. The expectations were high. To stand out in such a crowd was a task. But then we are not the one to be deterred by challenges.

Amidst all this was the moment, a lot of us have been waiting for. The name Chrysalis was called upon and we announced our arrival on the bigger stage. And some arrival it was.  To say that we made a mark for ourselves would be an understatement for we rocked the stage, actually the amphitheater. If laughter is indeed the best medicine, then we can say everybody got there dosage for a lifetime.

But the beauty of a work does not lie in the loud appeal of its exterior but the strength of its interior which leave us speechless to marvel at its heart. The message we picked up was a delicate one and we delivered it with the required subtlety. In between all the laughter, there were moments everyone could link with and relate to. And hidden in those was the spark, the idea, the inspiration for all.

Now no episode is complete without its share of mishaps and ours was no different. The occasional sound problem, technical glitches were there but hats off to the team for on-stage improvisation and crisis management. What could have become a disaster where turned into moments of sheer brilliance. A special mention to the jodi of Yamraj (Bhuwan Ranjan) and Chitragupt (Manoj), no doubt they were the show stealers.

Congrats to all for an outstanding effort.

  1. Haritha says:

    Well done team…Congratulations!!

    Would like to add about Guptaji who had made the audience laugh with his very presence.. great work vipul.

    Hope that we do better each time…and raise the standards further.

  2. Arnab Deb says:

    Celebrations apart from rewarding excellence was a platform and motivating force that brought out the best talents within each individual. For me it was discovering my acting skills.

  3. Ujjwal Kedia says:

    Another trivia I would love to share over here…

    It was observed during this years awards that participation was the highest from the members of the teams winning awards…
    Another testimony to the fact that these people are out there to excel not only in work but extra curricular activities also….Events like these are opportunities for us to develop ourselfs and enjoy….
    So all the winners and particpants a heartious congratulation and to all those who did not particpate,
    ” Well Dr Reddys Celebration is not far away…”

  4. Ujjwal Kedia says:

    Congratulation Team!!!

    We have made our enterance with a bang….
    But we have set the bar higher now….
    So buckle up and get ready for things are just starting to get exciting…We have a long path in front of us….And the path is never ending….

    Do remember,
    “Its long to go before I sleep
    Its long to go before I sleep”

  5. Pallavi Agnihotri says:

    A grand start …………….its like a loading dose…..

    maintenance dose has to be given regularly to make it a sustained release

    lets work together to make it a sucess and a culture over here………….

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